We are pleased to announce that Dr Alvaro Rojas Villabona has been appointed as a clinical fellow to support our clinical trials programme.

Dr Villabona undertook his initial medical training in Colombia and was awarded the Colfuturo Scholarship to study for an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience at the UCL Institute of Neurology, awarded with distinction for work on measurement of vascular permeability in Glioblastomas using Dynamic Contrast Enhanced T1-weighted MRI scan. As a clinical research fellow he will be developing research projects and clinical trials. He is already co-ordinating a cohort study to evaluate long term response to Gamma Knife treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia as well as a trail to evaluate the differences between two methods which are now available to calculate the dose for Gamma Knife treatment. Further trials are being designed on efficacy of Gamma Knife treatment for patients with more than 3 cerebral metastases as well as the best treatment modality for micro-metastases in the brain.