The annual global and regional treatment statistics data gathered from Gamma Knife centres by the Leskell Gamma Knife Society are now available. The number of patient benefiting from the significant advantages that Gamma Knife radiosurgery offers continues to grow with some 84,000 treated during 2017 taking the cumulative total to 1,124,000.

During 2017 the cumulative total of patients treated for brain metastases reached 400,000 cases with just short of 35,000 cases treated in 2017 representing the key area for increasing use of the Gamma Knife, increasing from 28.1% of treatments between 1991-2017 to 40% in 2017. The cumulative total of patients treated by Gamma Knife in Europe has now reached in excess of 250,000 of which some 12% have been undertaken in the UK. The UK experienced a 22% year on year growth in 2017 following the introduction of a new service model by NHS England which increases access to Gamma Knife as part of a concrete step towards delivery of the national cancer strategy.