The Queen Square Radiosurgery Centre is now the Supra Centre for the South of England and the only Centre able to treat all NHS tiers for intracranial SRS and paediatrics.This summer, we plan to install the Leksell Gamma Knife Icon – the latest precision radiosurgery platform from Elekta.

Demand for stereotactic intracranial radiosurgery is increasing because of:

  • Rise in cases among ageing populations
  • Higher quality of life expectations
  • Trend toward more personalised treatments

Simply put, consultants and their patients expect more and the Icon is the latest generation Gamma Knife system, designed to meet these requirements.The Icon enables the option to perform single or fractionated, frame-based or frameless treatments, allowing for more individualised delivery – without sacrificing precision or accuracy. For a short video click on the image below.


Please join us on June 6th 2018 at The Lecture Theatre, 33 Queen Square to find out what the Gamma Knife Icon at The Queen Square Radiosurgery Centre will be able to do for you and your patients.

5pm reception, 6pm presentations, 7pm – 8pm refreshments and discussion.

Simply email your acceptance: [email protected] or you can call us on 020 3448 4077