A Leksell Gamma Knife Icon, the next generation in stereotactic radiosurgery (“SRS”) technology is being installed at the Queen Square Radiosurgery Centre with commissioning due to be completed in coming weeks.

The ICON is the next generation technology in stereotactic radiosurgery offering unparalleled accuracy and is a “new and improved” version of the Gamma Knife Perfexion, in that it builds off what was already a highly regarded system preferred by experts worldwide.

Clinicians will still have the option of delivering a single large dose but also smaller doses in multiple sessions in what is referred to as fractionated radiosurgery. This widens the range of indications that can be treated to include larger malignant tumours.

Benefits for patients include that some will have the option of a custom face mask as opposed to the head frame, which some people prefer. However, this will depend on their specific condition and the characteristics of the area being treated, such as size and location.

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