The Leskell Gamma Knife Society has published the most recent statistics on Gamma Knife usage globally. The results of a survey of operational centres is presented in Leksell Gamma Knife Indications Treated 1991 to 2011. This provides data by year and global region.

The number of indications treated continues to grow annually at some 11% with a total of 676,000 indications treated by 2011. In Europe growth is some 13% but despite this the number of indications treated in Europe is significantly lower per million population being some 60% of that seen for North America and with seven times as many indications treated in Japan.

Noteably, the number of treatments for malignant tumours is lower in Europe, representing 30% only of cases compared to 47% (North America) and 70% (Japan). Some 85% of malignant tumours treated are brain metastases with number of cumulative indications reaching 252,000 in 2011.

It is generally accepted that radiosurgery with the Gamma Knife is the least invasive effective treatment for cerebral metastases and the body of evidence continues to grow with in excess of 1500 scientific research articles published. In the UK, guidelines have already been established and recently updated detailing the number and size of metastasis which is suitable for Gamma Knife treatment.

The Gamma Knife Centre at QSRC which opened in October 2012 increases access to this well proven and widely adopted technology in the UK. An important research centre, clinical trials will be undertaken for various indications including for brain metastases.

Notes to editors

The GammaKnife Centre at QRSC is a partnership between University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Medical Equipment Solutions Limited. Located at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, the UK’s largest dedicated neurological and neurosurgical hospital.

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