Paying For Your Treatment

Your treatment may be available for free subject to NHS commissioning approval.

Where the NHS is unable to meet the costs but Gamma Knife radiosurgery is still felt to be helpful in your care by the specialist clinicians you may wish to consider private treatment.

There are a number of ways to manage the cost of your treatment. However, the two main options are:

1. Through a private or company paid medical insurance policy.

2. Paying for treatment directly through our self pay schemes – ideal if you do not have private medical insurance.

If you would like to discuss and obtain further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other options include cash plan and employer assistance schemes:

  • Cash plans pay out contributions towards hospital treatment. Details of cash plan schemes can be found on the British Health Care Association (BHCA) website, the trade body for the majority of health cash plans and associated plans.
  • Employer assistance schemes are used by employers who recognise that in certain circumstances it is more economical for them to fund private hospital treatment, than to fund your sick pay and pay someone else to do your job, whilst you are awaiting publicly funded hospital treatment.

ABI Guide to Private Medical Insurance

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How to claim

Always check with your insurance company whether you are covered for each aspect of treatment beforehand – you are responsible for the bills if your policy doesn’t cover it. Your insurance company will guide you through the process for making a claim. If you are in a company scheme, you will need to check whether you are covered for the treatment you require with the scheme co-ordinator and follow the scheme’s claims process.

Insurance companies require a GP referral letter to be completed before they will consider funding any treatment. Companies then normally request completion of a claim form by consultants or GPs, for which some GPs make a nominal charge.

You will normally need to check cover at each stage of your treatment. For instance if you have an outpatient consultation and the specialist recommends surgery, you need to notify your insurance company. Some insurance policies have limits on such things as outpatient cover e.g. scans, so it is good practice to keep a check on how much of your cover you have used.

QSRC is a recognised provider for leading private insurers including.