On the 29th October the Gamma Knife Centre at QSRC celebrated its first anniversary since opening.

The centre has rapidly established itself as both an important treatment centre providing much needed improved access to Gamma Knife radiosurgery and as a leading research centre. In excess of 120 patients have received Gamma Knife treatment. A number of clinical trials and research projects have been initiated working in collaboration with colleagues at UCLH.

To mark the anniversary a tree has been dedicated as part of the Woodlands Trust scheme in Stoke Wood, Oxfordshire and personalised chocolate bars were presented to all patients treated at the centre and staff. Images can be found here.

Stoke Wood is an ancient woodland site lying three miles to the north-west of the expanding town of Bicester. Set in the midst of an otherwise flat landscape, the wood is something of a local landmark and is visible from all directions. Once managed as hazel coppice with oak standards, half of the site was re-planted with a conifer-broadleaf mixture in the late 1950s following extensive damage caused by a plane crashing in the wood in 1954. As the exotic conifers are being phased out, the wood is returning to its natural character with oak, hazel, ash, sycamore and field maple.


Staff from the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery that support the Gamma Knife Centre were presented with chocolate bars as small thank you as part of the 1st anniversary celebrations