Ian Paddick, Chief Physicist

We are pleased to announce that Ian Paddick will undertake the role of Chief Physicist at the Gamma Knife Centre at QSRC. Ian began his career as a Medical Physicist in 1989, working at the Hammersmith hospital, London. Since 1998 he has worked almost exclusively with the Gamma Knife, being responsible for over 3,000 patient treatments using the B, 4C and Perfexion Gamma Knife models.


He is a regular speaker and moderator at Radiosurgery conferences, teaching on training courses and helping start up new Gamma Knife centres worldwide. He is on the scientific committees of the International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society and the Leksell Gamma Knife Society. His publications in Radiosurgery have established him as an authority in Radiosurgery dose planning. In 2003, Ian became a freelance physicist, providing physics services to Gamma Knife centres in the UK and USA, as well as the manufacturers of the Gamma Knife; Elekta Instruments. In 2009 he published “Radiosurgery Treatment Planning”, the first book covering practical techniques of dose planning.