QSRC achieved 100% extremely likely to recommend the service for the NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) during November.  As part of our commitment to providing an exceptional service we also kindly ask patients to complete a bespoke feedback questionnaire again with hugely positive feedback from patients being received some of which can be viewed here.

The FFT is an important feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use NHS services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. The FFT asks people if they would recommend the services they have used and offers a range of responses. Listening to the views of patients and staff helps identify what is working well, what can be improved and how.

When combined with our bespoke feedback questionnaire it provides a mechanism to highlight both good and poor patient experience. This kind of feedback is a vital part of us meeting patient expectations and continuing to provide an exceptional patient service and experience.

The FFT November 2018 report