QSRC has rapidly established itself as a leading centre committed to undertaking research and sharing best practice with others. We have further expanded our research programme. and two new major research projects have been initiated.

We are working with groups from around the world. Research is a key focus and the trials we are currently designing and conducting will provide invaluable data to optimise the methods currently used to plan and deliver Gamma Knife Radiosurgery as well as to assess its effectiveness and safety.

The results from our research are expected to positively impact the quality of the service we offer. The research questions being addressed are based from local obesrvations and will provide invaluable data both for local use and comparison to global practice.

The two projects are:-

Optimisation of MRI imaging for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery of Brain AVM. To avoid the current use of invasive angiograms this will investigate the use of advanced non-invasive MRI techniques as an alternative, with potential significant benefits to AVM patients.

An evaluation of the stability of the stereotactic Leksell G frame, providing further evidence of the accuracy of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery.

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Over recent months significant progress has been made in developing the Leksell Gamma Knife Registry (LGKR), primarily intended to serve as a central database for research data management and development of evidence-based medicine. The Gamma Knife Centre at Queen Square is a pilot centre for the LGKR project.

For further information on our research or if you are interested in collaborating with us please contact us.