Ian Paddick presenting at the Athens LGKS meeting

The Queen Square Gamma Knife Centre are pleased to announce that the research projects concluded in our centre will be presented and discussed in the prestigious forthcoming scientific meetings later this year.
The results of the initial research project completed will be presented by our world leading Physicist Mr Ian Paddick in the 12th International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS) congress which will be held in Yokohama, Japan in June. This project evaluates an innovative method to calculate the dose of Gamma Knife and provides new information that facilitates further development of the radiosurgery technique in the future.

A second piece of research which demonstrates the stability of the stereotactic frame throughout the Gamma Knife procedure will also be presented in the same international conference by our Research Fellow Alvaro Villabona. This study will also be presented at the spring meeting of the British Society of Neurological Surgeons (SBNS) in Southampton this month.
These are great achievements and underline our striving commitment to research and ongoing development.