Ian Paddick, Consultant Physicist and Alvaro Villabonna, Clinical Research Fellow recently attended the 12th International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society Congress meeting held in Yokohama, Japan, June 7th-11th. Ian presented a number of talks and seminars on quality assurance, commissioning and treatment of pregnant patients. The meeting brought together a diverse international community of neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, medical physicists and other healthcare professionals to encourage communication and interactive networking amongst one another, as well as to exchange first-hand scientific and research information on the latest developments in the field of radiosurgery . Abstracts presented at the meeting have been published in J. SRS&SBRT and included:-

Investigation of dosimetrical differences between the TMR 10 and convolution algorithm for Gamma Knife SRS

I. Paddick, A. Villabona, N. Kitchen

Treatment of pregnant patients with the Gamma Knife
I. Paddick

3T MRI in Stereotactic Localisation Advantages, Pitfalls and Solutions
I. Paddick

A dosimetric comparison of head contouring using the skull scaling instrument method and CT outlining for Gamma Knife radiosurgery
A. Villabona, N. Kitchen, K. Miszkiel, I. Paddick

Evaluation of the stability of the steretactic Leskell G frame in Gamma Knife radiosurgery
A. Villabona, K. Miszkiel, N. Kitchen, , I. Paddick

Radiosurgery (SRS) global assessment of variability in practice
C. Chung, M Torrems, I. Paddick, S. Ryu, D. Jaffray