On the 22 August at 1pm, a webinar by Ian Paddick, Chief Physicist at The Queen Square Radiosurgery Centre and The Thornbury Radiosurgery Centre will be hosted by Physics World.

You can register to access the webinar here.

Various SRS treatment platforms are available, and there has been an increasing number of platform-comparison studies in recent years, but most of these are limited to single-centre studies. The recently published NHS England study, a national commissioning programme benchmarking different planning cases to evaluate current practices across clinical centres treating SRS cases for benign brain tunours and metastases, will be reviewed in detail during the webinar. Bias is common, due to various study flaws, including comparison of non-contemporary equipment, unequal expertise and comparison of plans created in a clinical versus study environment.

However, this NHS study , arguably the “study to end all studies”, provides a unique dataset of current practice across a large number of providers and equipment platforms.

Useful References for the webinar:

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