The 6th meeting of the British Radiosurgery Society will  be held on the 22nd March in Manchester and a provision provisional programme has been announced to include the following presentations

Chair: Matthias Radatz (STHT/Thornbury Gamma Knife)

The optimisation module in LGP (Peter Fallows, Leeds)
Radiobiology: Can sublethal repair during treatment affect the BED delivered? Ian Paddick (Queen Square/Thornbury Gamma Knife Centres)
Radiosurgery for chordoma “Sheffield Experience”, Ramez Ibrahim (STHT/Thornbury Gamma Knife)
The Birmingham Cyberknife Experience, Adiela Kapadia (Birmingham Cyberknife)
Outcome of radiosurgery re-treatment of acoustic neuroma, Dan Brown
Surgery and radiosurgery, complimentary interventions in dealing with challenges presented by individuals with vestibular schwannoma, Thomas Carroll (Sheffield)
Radiosurgery for Meningioma ” A mixed Bag”, Jeremy Rowe (STHT/Thornbury Gamma Knife)
Validation and clinical experience with Smartbrush Angio image fusion software in AVM radiosurgery, Mohsen Javadpour (Dublin)
The Guy’s and St. Thomas Experience “How do we do it”, David Eaton
The Queen Square initial staged radiosurgery experience with large/eloquent metastasis, Neil Kitchen (Queen Square Gamma Knife Centre)
Quality Assurance requirements for SRS delivery on a linac, Colin Jennings (Preston)
Technical considerations for the treatment of small metastases, Alex Dimitriadis ((Queen Square/Thornbury Gamma Knife Centres)

The meeting is sponsored by Elekta and Brainlab.